For Kids:

Okay, this page is for the kids who come to this website looking for information on the choking game.

First, it's not a game, and it can be very deadly. You may have heard from your friends, on the internet or from some other source that this activity is a safe and better alternative than drugs. It's NOT. I have personal experiences with this dangerous and risky activity. No, I have not played it, however as a law enforcement officer, I have interviewed several students your age that have played this dangerous game.

I also have made it a priority to educate students just like you, because of Gian-Luc. Gian-Luc? Remember him? He is the reason why you came to this website. His pictures are all over this site, because he made a terrible choice to play this game. We don't want you to make those same choices, because someone told you it was safe or that it's not as risky as using drugs. It can be just as addictive as drugs and simply put...... just as dangerous!

Here are some facts you need to know:

What is the Choking Game?

It's using something to cut off the blood flow and oxygen to your brain. It is NOT a game!

What happens in the brain?

The brain controls how we think, move and feel. Think of it as a super computer that has the ability to mulitask. Without enough blood and oxygen, these life giving functions shut down. The brain is the ONLY organ in the human body that does not repair itself. When it is damaged, it is damaged for good!

What does it feel like to play the game?

I told you earlier that I have NEVER played this dangerous activity. What doctors have told us is that the first feeling is dizziness from a lack of blood and oxygen. The second feeling is a light-headedness when the blood rushes back into the brain. This dizziness or tingling feeling are the brain cells dying.

So what's the problem?

Because of this lack of oxygen, you don't even know you may have fainted or worse... that YOU are dying. Imagine being in that situation, and you cannot even help yourself. It is not safe at all and it's not a chance worth taking.

What do people shake when they play this game?

They shake because the brain doesn’t have enough blood and oxygen to function properly.  In addition to shaking, without enough blood and oxygen, brain cells die.  Since these cells don’t regenerate, this can cause brain damage or death.

Why do kids try this?

Many kids think the Choking Game is a safe alternative to drugs and alcohol.  But it’s not.  It’s just as harmful, and IT CAN KILL WITH NO WARNING!

How fast can it happen?

Without blood and oxygen, within 3 minutes brain damage starts.  Between 4 and 5 minutes the body begins to shut down.  This activity can kill you the first time you try it!.

So who is playing this game?

Mostly boys and girls between 9 and 16 years old of all races and religions.  But it can happen to any person at any age.

How can I say NO?

Many of my students are D.A.R.E. students as well and we have talked about how to resist negative peer pressure. Well, the same techniques used to resist peer pressure can be applied to saying "NO" to the  Choking Game. Here they are again for review:

Use Humor - Like… “No thanks – I need all the brain cells I’ve got!” Just becareful when using humor, because the other person may be offended and become angry or violent. Especially with drug use. The idea is to refuse the risky behavior , while staying safe.

Just Walk Away - Leave the area! Leave if people ask you to do it.

Strength in numbers - Hang around other kids who do not involve themselves in risky behaviors. So, hang out with kids who won’t do this.

Avoid the Situation - Don't place yourself in situations where kids may be playing the Choking Game. If you dicover this activity, you MUST tell a trusted adult.

What can kids do if they’re doing it?

If you’re doing it, stop right now!  Tell your parents or contact us here on this site so we can help you. It may be difficult to stop on your own, so you need to ask for help. Don't be scared to ask for help. This activity can be very addictive and the adults in your life WANT to help you. Let them, so you can be safe.

What else can I do?

First, you Stay alive – then warn your friends – save their lives too!  If you know someone who is doing it, tell them to stop.  But don’t take their word for it – tell an adult about it.

But my friend will get mad!

It’s better to have your friend mad at you than have a dead friend.  Your friend may not understand, but this activity is a killer. Telling does not mean tattling or snitching. The difference is that you are helping the person by trying to keep them out of trouble and safe. That's the difference between tattling and telling.

Who can I tell?

Any responsible and trusted  adult…  Your parents, your friend’s parents, grand parent, aunt, uncle.

Who can I talk to at school?  Your guidance counselor, teacher, coach, principal, nurse or school resource or D.A.R.E. Officer.

Even smart strong kids can make dumb choices with deadly consequences.

If you are reading this and you are most likely a very smart person simply because you wanted to learn more about this dangerous activity. Some kids tried this only once or twice … they didn’t know they were gambling with death.

Being a kid isn't easy and we adults know that. We also know that reasonable risk are appropriate for kids your age to engage in..... such as playing football, skateboarding or even walking across the street.

These risk are reasonable simply because you gain something of value and you take precautions such as wearing a football helmet, using knee-pads when skating and looking both ways when crossing the street.

The Choking Game you get nothing of value. Playing is actually the opposite, because you don't gain anything. You lose brain cells, damage your body or can possibly die from playing. That's why we call it an unreasonable risk and not something to participate in.

If you would like further information on this activity, please go to the contact page and email us.